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Badchips.htm split

The badchips.htm page has been split into pages for the various chipsets that were originally covered by the page at this URL. Please see the appropriate page or Troubleshooting Contents.

Broadcom BCM Modem
 Information & driver sources for Broadcom BCM Software Modem
 Information & driver sources for Cirrus/Ambient/Intel chipset Modems
ESS Modems
 Info for modems with ESS
Motorola Modems
 Information for modems with Motorola SM56 Chipset
PCTel Chipsets
Info & driver sources for modems based upon PCTel chipsets
Smartlink Chipset  (Including ST Micro / SGS-Thomson)
 Info & driver sources for modems based upon Smartlink chipsets
TOPIC Chipset
 Information & driver sources for TOPIC chipset (560x) Modems


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