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Selecting the Modem for a DUNS Connection

In Windows, installed modem(s) are given a name that is obtained from the .inf file used when the modem is installed. If you re-install the modem, or upgrade the firmware/driver, and the .inf file gives the modem a different name, you will need to update your Dial-Up Networking connection(s) to specify the correct modem name. The Lucent LT Win Modem is given a different name when upgrading from early 4.x or 5.x versions.

Open the Dial-up Networking folder by double-clicking My Computer, then double-clicking Dial-up Networking.

Right-click the dial-up connection that you wish to correct, and the left-click Properties.

Dial-up Networking with connection right-clicked
If the connection was set-up with a modem name that is no longer on your system, you will get this warning box. Just click OK. Warning message if modem no longer exists
You then get the Properties box for the dial-up connection. Click on the Connect using selection box, and chose the correct modem. Note - if you have only 1 modem installed on your system, you normally will have only one entry in the list (unlike the screen shot which shows 4 installed modems). DUNS connection properties
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