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734 - The PPP link control protocol terminated.

This error can occur if the Security tab in Windows NT dial-up networking Modem Properties is set to send encrypted passwords and your ISP does not support encrypted passwords. In this case, the option to accept any authentication, including clear text, must be selected.

This error is often caused by "Enable Multilink" being turned on - see DUNs connectoids.

Windows 2000 - This error may occur if you are using user-defined callback in your DUNS setup. See MS KB Q271180 for a Microsoft-supported fix for this problem.

Windows 2000 - This error can occur if you are calling a Bianca/Brick router if callback functionality is enabled on the router. See MS KB Q282795.

Microsoft has a KB Article regarding this error and Windows NT 3.5x. The information may apply to other WindowsNT versions:

If  Request LCP Extensions is enabled, there may be connectivity problems with some older PPP servers. Unchecking this option in the phone book, network settings may solve the problem. Note that LCP extensions are required in order to connect to a server that is set up for callback. With Windows NT 4.0, the LCP extensions option is located on the Server Tab of Edit Phone Book Entry.

WindowsXP - Problems caused by incorrect Connectoid settings - also see MS KB Q310431.

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