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738 - The server did not assign an address.

This error may occur in Windows 2000 or XP if the Negotiate multi-link for single link connection option is enabled for the dial-up connection. This is an option in the Connectoid for each dial-up connection, and is located in PPP settings:

Connectoid Properties -> Networking Tab -> Settings button (located below the 'type of dial-up server' drop-down selection - the type of dial-up server should be PPP: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000, Internet)

To correct this error, un-check the Negotiate multi-link for single link connection option.

Note: In Windows 2000, this option is checked by default until Service Pack 3. With service pack 2 or lower, it's possible to prevent this option from being on by default with a registry modification. For more information, see MS KB 256213.

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