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Rockwell / Conexant HCF Modem (Updated 13-Mar-06)

These pages contain extensive information on the HCF modem:
(For the HSF - Soft56 - Go here.)

NOTE: Conexant has recently introduced a new version of HCF and HSF chipsets. The new chipsets (CX06834-11) provide 'complete' V.92 support (PCM upstream does not work with 'V.92' drivers for the old chipset version 6795-xx). The new chipset will not work correctly with generic and OEM drivers designed for the old chipset. Conexant generic drivers do not fully support the new chipset.

Conexant Generic Drivers!!! - Links to the Conexant site for 'generic' HCF and HSF modem drivers have been added to the Firmware/Upgrades page for HCF, as well as the Soft56/HSF. Note that Conexant's generic drivers do not support all enhanced modem functions (voice), but thanks to Dmitry Mishchenko aka 'The Doctor', there's a , Universal Driver, and HxFBooster program available for download from Modemsite. More Info

Windows XP: Driver support for modems with HCF chipset is included with Windows XP; however, not all HCF-based modems will be recognized when XP is installed - especially if you are upgrading from previous version of Windows. See XP & Modems.

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HCF Modem Pages:

     Click here to go directly to upgrade page
About the HCF Modem - General information about HCF modem 
What FIRMWARE version - How to tell what firmware [driver] version your modem has
Installation - First time installation issues
Bugs - Older drivers have known bugs
Troubleshooting - HCF troubleshooting info
Using Other Drivers - Info on using firmware/driver from other vendors
Firmware/Upgrades - Listing of sites that have HCF firmware/driver downloads
File Names - Some of the files included in firmware/driver zip file
AT Commands - Some of the AT commands for HCF modems
Windows 2000, ME, Linux & BeOS - Windows 2000, ME, Linux & BeOS compatibility info
V.92 MoH Information - V.92-capable versions - Modem-on-hold & NetWaiting

NOTE - an alarming number of owners don't know what firmware (driver) version they are using! If you don't know - or haven't updated your firmware - you may be amazed at how much better your modem is with the latest update!

"The Doctor" Dmitry has written HxFBooster, which allows user to adjust and tweak modem settings, and can assist in installation of driver. The HxFBooster, and the Doctor's driver upgrades are available for download from Modemsite.

Karen Tamrazian has written an HCF Configurator Program which among other things allows users to view and set s-registers as well as to set data, fax and voice transmit levels. (This program may not work with all versions of Windows and may not be updated - try the Doctor's HSFBoost program instead.

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