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V.92 ISP Listing

USE THIS FORM IF YOU KNOW OF AN ISP THAT ACTUALLY SUPPORTS V.92 and is NOT in the Modemsite V.92 ISP List, or to update a listing.

ISP Name:
ISP's Website URL:
RAS Vendor:

ISP Phone #:
Area served:

Area codes served (separate with commas):
V.44 Support? Yes No

PCM Upstream Support?
Yes   No


Quick Connect Support?
Yes    No

ISP's Website URL for V.92 dial-up info:
(Additional info displayed in detail listing):

Public e-mail address:

The information below will not be published:
            Your name:      
Your e-mail address:
Are you affiliated with this ISP? Yes  No
Use this form only for ISPs that you know support V.92 now! 
This form is not for inquiries -
if an ISP is not listed, it means I don't have any information to indicate that they do, or plan to, support V.92!


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