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Readme - WildWire 2.92 NT

This is version 2.92 files for Lucent-based WildWire Modems
in systems running WindowsNT4 only. See the Readme for 
systems running Windows 95, 98 or ME.
This is a dual digital/analog modem: 56K V.90/K56Flex & DSL.

Before installing this driver, I recommend archiving the LT*.SYS files
in your \windows\system directory, as well as the LTMDM*.INF files in
the [hidden] \windows\inf directory. This will allow you to revert back
to the version you are currently using without requiring the original
installation software/files.

To install the driver:
Download the lt292nt.exe file to a temporary folder.
This is a self-extracting zip file. Extract the file by double-clicking.
Run setup.exe from the extracted files.
If the modem is already installed, it will be removed and you
need to reboot.
Run setup.exe again to install the modem with the updated firmware.

Feedback: Let me know how your WildWire works: Send Feedback 

The software in is the property of Lucent Technologies and use is
subject to their license agreement. 
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