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Modemsite V.92 DSP Modem
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Modemsite SoftModem+ - Agere V.92 SV92P

No longer Available 

Please see the DSP Modem

The SoftModem+ is not being sold at this time. 

From October '02 through May '03, Modemsite sold the SV92P-based SoftModem. This model, used a transformer and electro-mechanical relay for the phone line interface. The manufacturer stopped making this modem which was a great performing, reliable modem. It was replaced with the "+" model that uses a transformerless, solid-state, line-powered phone line interface (DAA). 

In May, I was supposed to get a shipment of the original SoftModem, but was sent the new model. I didn't want the new model - I'm not convinced of the reliability of solid-state line-powered phone line interfaces in modems. I tried the new model and found it to work just as well for me, with the added benefit of providing Type 1 and Type 2 caller ID, so instead of returning the shipment, I began selling them.

It's too soon to tell for sure, but it appears that this new design may not be as reliable - having an unacceptable DOA rate. So, until I know for sure (getting back what may be bad out-of-the-box modems and testing them), I'm not going to sell this modem. 

The good news: The DSP modem, using the more expensive and more reliable phone line interface will continue to be manufactured, and available from Modemsite.

Anyone who purchased a Modemsite Softmodem+ that has a DOA problem can elect to receive a tested Softmodem+ replacement, or a DSP modem replacement at no additional charge; or, a refund. 

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