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Readme - 5.87 Lucent Win Modem

KNOWN ISSUE with 5.87: On some machines running Windows95, the setup program may install WindowsME drivers that do not work with Windows95. This may cause a partial, failed installation of the modem. If this happens, the modem will not work, and an attempt to install an older version of the driver may also fail. You may be able to revert to an older version simply by copying the old ltmodem.vxd file into your Windows\System directory. This problem will be corrected in a future release - in the meantime, if you are using Windows95, you can avoid the problem by not attempting to use 5.87 drivers. 

You can also avoid this Windows95 problem by using the .vxd copy method to update the driver (in most cases).

If you run the 5.87 update, it's a good idea to first do a backup of your registry: you can recover from a partial failed installation by restoring the registry. Note that this release contains both .vxd and WDM drivers. WDM drivers are supported in Windows 98, Me, and 2000. WDM and .vxd drivers are supported in Windows 98 and Me - but switching back to .vxd driver after upgrade to WDM driver is not fully documented or understood by this author at this time. A Windows98 system running 5.79 or lower can be upgraded to the 5.87 .vxd driver by using the copy method.

Lucent 5.87 firmware for "LT Win Modem" includes these changes from the last (5.75) version
(To see prior changes, which are cumulative, see the readme's listed on the  firmware page.

Add +GCI command to change modem country.
Removed DSVD and VoiceView, resulting in smaller driver.
Improved stability in fallback from V.90 to V.34.
Slightly less aggressive initial V.90 connect rate, to improve stability.
Improved V.90 connect reliability with some Cisco servers.
Support for WinMe.
Improvements since version 5.79 mostly in power management.
More reliable installation using setup in Win2k.
Fixed obscure interaction among Win95, AOL5, and NetWare.
Quiet call progress monitor on some systems with electrical noise.
Change CD lead timing for improved compatibility with some DOS

*** TO INSTALL ***

Simply run this exe (modem587.exe). It should automatically run setup, 
which will remove the current modem and all its associated files, detect the modem again, and install it with the new inf file.

*WARNING - While this software was designed for most Lucent LT-based Win Modems, aka Apollo/Mars, there may be exceptions. You can always return to the firmware you are currently using IF YOU ARCHIVE the current drivers. See:

It is BEST to run the .exe and let the Lucent SETUP program run to complete the installation; however, you may also be able to update the firmware using the procedure on the above-referenced web page.

In some situations your modem may be renamed from a "LT Win Modem" to a "Lucent Win Modem", and you may have to change the dial-up-networking connection properties to specify the new modem name as the modem to be used for the connection.

Edit the Ltmodem.inf file to uncomment (remove the semicolon - ; ) from the line:

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