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DUNS Connectoids  - Editing

Connectoid Properties -> Modem Configure Button:

Clicking on Configure under the modem in DUNS connectoid properties produces the Modem Properties - General.

This shows the COM port the modem is on, allows you to adjust the Speaker Volume, and the "Maximum Speed", also known as the PORT speed.

With many 56k modems, it is necessary for the PORT speed to be 57,600 or 115,200 in order to get a 56k connection.

Most computers serial ports will not work at a rate higher than 115,200.

Controllerless modems that use a virtual COM port may not be affected by the Maximum speed setting.

Clicking on the Connection Tab:

The default settings here are usually sufficient.

Unchecking the 'wait for dial tone before dialing' may help if you have a NO DIAL TONE problem; although you should investigate the root cause which may include a damaged modem or incorrect Country settings for the modem.

The number of seconds for cancel the call may be changed: up if you are cut off before the modem finishes handshaking; down if only bad connections take longer than a certain lower number.

The Port Settings button above produces Advanced Port Settings.

The defaults are usually sufficient.

Adjusting these settings sometimes helps if you are getting CRC or data errors.

Clicking the Advanced button on the Modem Properties:

The default settings may not be optimal:

I recommend checking:
Use Error control
Required to connect
Compress Data
Use flow control - Hardware

Extra settings - this is where you can put in your own init string. Caution: I do not recommend putting any extra settings / init string unless you know what it does and why you are putting it there!

The Append to log needs to be checked to create a Modemlog; The log can be viewed by clicking the View Log button.

Clicking the Options tab on the Modem Properties:

This allows you to bring up a terminal window before and/or after dialing; enable operator assisted or manual dial; and to control whether the DUNs connected icon appears in the system tray.

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