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Page 1 Troubleshooting DUNS Errors  Error 602


602 - The port is already open.

If the port is already open, another application has control over the modem. 

This can sometimes occur with errant applications (poorly written software) not closing the port, or terminating abnormally. If this is the case, it may be necessary to re-boot the computer before the modem will be recognized.

You can get a list of applications that are running (and might have the port opened) by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and selecting the TASK LIST or TASK MANAGER (NT). This will display the actual program names - it may be difficult to pinpoint which, if any, programs are accessing the modem. Terminating tasks are about the only way - however, if you terminate certain tasks, your system may crash or become unstable. With Windows 95/98 ending the rnaapp task may solve the problem: See this page.

If a program is being run automatically (check your start-up group) that accesses the modem and leaves the port open - you need to either change the configuration of that program, or remove it from the STARTUP group.

Sometimes, uninstalling, then re-installing the modem (CONTROL PANEL-> Modems / Remove) may help.

If AOL was or is installed on the computer, deleting all AOL adapters, and MS Windows dial-up adapters (networking), then re-boot and re-install the MS dial-up adapter may solve the problem.

With Windows 2000 or XP if you have Quicken 2000 installed: The error can be caused by the Quicken Download Manager; Removing the modem and re-installing it may result in the modem working - for a single session. The permanent solution is to remove Quicken 2000, or disable the Quicken Download Manager. This Intuit article explains how to turn off the Quicken Download Manager. The problem is also discussed in this Dell Solutions KB Article. Also see this Delltalk message.

Also see:
Sometimes, re-installing telephone.ini may help - see DUNS Error 633.

Microsoft KB Article Q158114 - Win 95/98

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