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Home Troubleshooting DUNS Errors  Error 629


629 - The port was disconnected by the remote machine.

This error can be caused by a number of different problems:

With all versions of Windows - Make sure the username and password you have entered for the DUNS connection is correct. Also make sure the phone number is correct. Remember that passwords are case sensitive, and since what you enter appears as ****, it's easy to enter an incorrect password. Depending upon your browser, mail, and other net-aware apps, a dial-up networking connection can be initiated by various programs - some of which may have their own settings for what DUNS connection to use, username and password. Make sure the username, password, and connectoid to use are correct in each of the programs you use to start a connection. (In particular, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Internet Connection Wizard, Outlook Express, Outlook, etc. all have options to automatically start a DUNS connection.)

If this error persists, try dialing in to the server with Hyperterminal connected directly to modem. (Also see - Using Hyperterminal.) Nearly all servers will respond after CONNECT with a login prompt for your user name, and then password. This will allow you to see any error response from the server. If the server accepts your username and password, it should start a PPP session, and you cannot use Hyperterminal to get any further - you may see 'garbage' characters. If this happens, the username and password combination should work with DUNs. If you get an error, contact your service provider and have them try and log in with your account information.

With Windows NT 4.0, if all the entries for DUNS are not correct, you may get this error. This would include incorrect settings for the Basic, Server, Script, Security and X.25 tabs of the DUNS connectoid. The settings for authentication and encryption on the security tab must match what your ISP requires. The settings on the Server tab will normally specify a PPP...Internet server type; only TCP/IP protocol; and software compression enabled; check with your ISP; In addition, the settings in the sub-box TCP/IP settings must be correct as well - again, check with your ISP. Also make sure you are using the correct USERNAME and PASSWORD when you go to DIAL. Note, you may need to UNSAVE your password from the Security tab.

With Windows98 2nd edition if you are establishing a 128-bit encryption session under certain circumstances. See MS KB Article Q237419

With Windows NT & 2000 the error may occur when attempting to establish a PPTP session once you are connected to your ISP. See MS KB Article Q169843

With Windows95 & DUNS 1.2b if a new account logs on using PPTP and change password on first logon is enabled. See MS KB Article Q191192

With any Windows version if calling an affected Windows NT Server with Routing and Remote Access Service. See MS KB Article Q172290  and KB Article Q220954 or if calling an NT server set for 128-bit encryption when you don't have 128-bit encryption installed - see KB Article Q172215

With Windows 95/98 - Can be caused by software or modem not being configured properly or being damaged; can be caused by using incorrect user id or password.

With a Motorola BitSurfPro or ProEZ - See Microsoft KB Article Q199241

With MSN 2.52 - 2.6 - See Microsoft KB Article Q192543

With Windows NT or 2000 - may be caused if the modem port speed is set below 19,200. Correct either phonebook entry or modem settings from ControlPanel->Modems. See Microsoft KB Q241513

With Windows NT - may  be caused if Routing and Remote Access Service has not been configured to receive calls as a RAS server; Win95 clients may receive a generic error without a number: Dial-Up Networking could not complete the connection to the server. Check your configuration and try the connection again. See Microsoft KB Article 170977

Windows NT - Also see: Troubleshooting ISP Login Problems - MS KB Q161986

WindowsXP - Problems caused by incorrect Connectoid settings - also see MS KB Q314445.

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