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711 - RasMan initialization failure. Check the event log.

This error can occur with Windows NT 4.0 if the Plug and Play Service is disabled. This will also cause the inability to open Modems from Control Panel, and will prevent the detection of modem for Remote Access Service (RAS). 

The error may also occur if a modem has been removed physically from a Windows NT 4.0 system, but not removed from RAS; or, if the modem has been replaced without adding the new modem to RAS. If this error occurs without removal or change to previously working modem, it may be possible that the modem has been damaged and can no longer operate. 

To resolve this problem, make sure the Plug and Play service is running. Control Panel->Services. See this Microsoft KB Article.

If the modem has been removed from the machine and replaced with another, you need to add the new modem to RAS: My Computer->Dial Up Networking: Remove from the list of installed RAS modems any modem that is no longer present, and install (add) the new modem.

If the error persists, check that the modem driver has been properly installed. You can determine whether the modem works by using Hyperterminal connected directly to the modem's COM port (which does not require RAS). If the modem doesn't respond to AT commands in Hyperterminal, the modem driver may need to be removed and re-installed.

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