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HCF Universal Driver - More Info

Dmitry Mishchenko aka "The Doctor" from Russia developed the HSF Booster program, and created a "Universal Driver" package for Conexant HCF modems. Until early April '02, he also maintained a website in Russian and English describing the packages, installation, etc. He did this all at no charge to anyone but himself, and has had to take down his website. He's told me that his drivers are available from (the site currently is in Russian only).

The Booster and Universal Drivers for HCF and HSF modems are still available for download from Modemsite. They are provided as-is, and use at your own risk. I have not yet tried any of this driver package. (I do have a 'test' machine that I put a HSF modem in, but so far, haven't gotten the modem to work/install in Win98 at all using Conexant/OEM drivers. I will get it working soon, and will test upgrade & HSF Booster.) As with any modem driver upgrade, there's a chance you'll have a problem. If you're not a 'techie', or aren't comfortable and experienced updating modem drivers, you probably shouldn't try using these drivers. Please use the HCF/HSF section of Forum56 to further discuss this driver, your success, questions and/or problems with it.

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