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Init String for Your Modem (Updated 26-Feb-07)

If you're searching for a quick-fix init string for your modem here it is: [Notice it is blank.]
Blank. Nothing. No init string.

At least - that's the place to start. When your modem is properly installed, the .inf file supplied with the driver gives your modem the proper init strings based upon your Connectoid settings. 

There are situations where you can add an init string that will improve your connectivity - but there's no 'magic init string'. Analyze your problem - unable to connect, disconnects, low speeds, poor line - and try speed limit or protocol initialization strings.

Note that with Windows Vista, the default setting for User Account Control (Control Panel -> Users) will prevent the ability to enter or edit an initializations string (extra setting) for a modem without following a special procedure detailed below.

Where to go in Windows to check / place your modem initialization string:

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