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Readme - 5.49 Lucent Win Modem

Lucent 5.49 firmware for "LT Win Modem" has these changes from prior (5.44) versions:

1. The handshake has been changed. The tick-tick-tick sound of the digital impairment learning sequence is less pronounced. V.90 training now sends a scrambled sequence upstream to keep echo cancellers disabled. This improves connect reliability to some servers with some call routings.

2. Connect reliability problem calling Rockwell/Conexant-based servers over circuits with long delay fixed. Initial fallback to V.34 had been failing in some cases.

3. Improved V.90 performance on some lines.

4. Fixed a V.42 bis compression compatibility problem. In a rare case downloading from certain servers, the compression dictionaries got out of sync.

5. Added V.250 commands toward Microsoft PC99 compliance. End users should not be concerned about this, since no known applications currently use the new commands.

6. Improved DTE queue handling in NT4 for some oddly behaved applications.

7. More setup actions can be controlled through setup.ini: copy or launch files.

8. Fixed setup/remove bug in NT4 that was removing devices other than the Lucent modem.

9. Include ltmsg.exe that's in sync with modem driver, to avoid popping up "invalid country" warning inappropriately.

10. Improved reliability of some PCI modems in some PCs when resuming from suspend mode.

11. Improved reliability of wake-on-ring feature in some systems.

12. Fixed bug in NT4 multiprocessor machine.

13. Cosmetic change to display "NS 16550AN" for ISA PnP modem under Diagnostics | More Info | UART.

*** TO INSTALL ***

Simply run this exe (modem549.exe). It should automatically run setup, which will remove the current modem and all its associated files, detect the modem again, and install it with the new inf file.

*WARNING - While this software was designed for most Lucent LT-based Win Modems, aka Apollo/Mars, there may be exceptions. You can always return to the firmware you are currently using IF YOU ARCHIVE the current drivers. See:

It is BEST to run the .exe and let the Lucent SETUP program run to complete the installation; however, you may also be able to update the firmware using the procedure on the above-referenced web page. In some situations your modem may be renamed from a "LT Win Modem" to a "Lucent Win Modem", and you may have to change the dial-up-networking connection properties to specify the new modem name as the modem to be used for the connection. 

**TO FORCE THE [PCI] MODEM TO A SPECIFIC COM PORT**: Edit the Ltmodem.inf file to uncomment (remove the semicolon - ; ) from the line: [ltmodem_CommVars_AddReg] HKR,, PORTNAME,,"COM2"

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