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Disable Windows DNS Cache for Unresolved Names

Windows 2000 & XP by default will cache results from all DNS queries - domain names that are located as well as those that are not. (This is the essential behind-the-scenes process that converts a domain name to the IP address needed to access it.)

To disable Windows negative cache, the registry needs to include 3 new DWord values in the following key:


New Value Name Type Data (Value)









Registry editing - while it's easy to do, editing the registry can prevent the computer from starting Windows if done incorrectly. If you're ready - run regedit.exe (Start->Run-> regedit.exe) - expand the listing in the left column (clicking on the + signs) until you can see the following key and select (highlight) it:

With the above selected, right-click in the blank area of the right pane, and click New-> DWord Value for each of the above new value names. See the screenshot below:

This screenshot shows the first new value already added, and the results of Right-click in the empty area of the right-pane to bring up the New->DWord Value menu - clicking on DWord Value allows you to enter the name. The default value (data) of 0 is the desired value. Note the very bottom status bar of Registry Editor shows the name of the key you're working on - make sure it's correct, and don't change or delete anything else in the registry.


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