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This site does not require registration. Unless you submit personal information with feedback, survey responses, etc., no personal information is collected. Optional Premium access is available with a subscription. Your name, e-mail address, and other information is collected with the subscription process and is used only to manage delivery of site content. Information collected is not shared with any third parties unless it was provided in a fraudulent transaction.

Server log records are generated with every page accessed by every user; however, these records generally contain no personally identifiable information. All logged information is used solely for internal management and development of the site and is not shared with any third-parties.

Your e-mail address is not sold, rented, or otherwise given to any other party except: unless you instruct otherwise, in some cases where I know of a reliable person that is able to help you with your question, I may forward your question along with your return address to such person.

This site runs on a server that supports ASP (active server pages). The server automatically sends a session cookie whenever an ASP page is accessed. This cookie is used internally by the server,  and exists only for the duration of your current session. works with third parties that serve ads to this site. To find out more about how they manage the privacy of information in conjunction with serving ads on this site, please go to FastClick Privacy Statement, and/or Tribal Fusion Privacy Policy .

The main page includes the free "Extreme Tracker" which can give you an idea of some of the information any web site can collect about its visitors. Most web sites have a logfile that collects information:

Date, time and the IP address of the client making a request: If you access the net through a dial-up connection, you are assigned a unique IP address when you dial in; your ISP will have a record that matches your account to the session. Most ISPs keep this information confidential. Any IP address can have an associated hostname which may provide some information about the client: - A Sprint connection coming from Columbus, Ohio

If you are at work, the IP address may identify your company:  

Server log files also typically include the browser version you are using, and a referrer entry that discloses the URL of the link you used to access the page being logged. If you use Netscape for mail, the referrer entry may include your local computer's mail file location. See the e-mail referrer section of this page.

There are links on this site to many other sites which may or may not publish their privacy policies. All pages on this site include a "" logo or identification.

If you are interested in learning more about privacy issues, see Junkbusters.  You can get an idea of what information is being sent by your browser by visiting this Junkbuster page. (And if you want to stop telemarketers dead in their tracks - learn about "Do Not Call List".)

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