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Windows Vista & Modems

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Modem Database

V.92 Modem on Hold  

V.92 Commands

TROUBLESHOOTING     (Updated 4-Jan-08)
The Basics:
Identifying Your Chipset
You need to know what chipset your modem uses.
(Updated 29-Aug-01) 
Who Manufactured My Modem?
Find out who really made/supplied your modem (updated 13-Dec-00)
What's a 56k-compatible line?
Can you tell if your line is '56k-compatible'? (New 2-Mar-99)
DUNS Connectoids
 What they are and how to edit them
(Updated 6-Mar-07)
 Do you need a modem driver? Where to find drivers.
More Q&A More Modem Questions & Answers

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Before trying to fix, identify where you are:
Easy Throughput Check:
 Simple speed test - Hawaiian Style (Updated 6-Jan-02)
Init String / Extra Settings
 No Initialization String may be the best one
(Updated 26-Feb-07)
Modem Diagnostics
 Information your modem can tell you about your connection (Updated 9-Mar-04)
Windows Modemlog can help locate trouble
(Updated 15-Nov-03)
Modem Speed Tests
 Information on various modem speed checks
(Updated 7-Sep-05)
Throughput - check:
Throughput - not CONNECT speed is really what matters!
(Updated 27-Feb-07) Also see - My Throughput Check
Trouble Beyond The Modem
 If the modem is working right, you still might not get 56k (or any) performance
(Updated 6-Dec-05)
What 56k Rate?
How many 56k owners are getting what connect speeds (New 8-Jul-99)
About Modems with your Chipset:
Agere/LSI AMR Soft Modem  (formerly Lucent)
 AKA Scorpio; Info & driver sources for this soft HSP modem. (Updated 3-Oct-07)
Agere/LSI LT Win Modem: (formerly Lucent)
 Information & driver sources for this widely-used modem (Updated 29-Sep-07)
Agere/LSI Softmodem (SV92P, SV92PL & SV92PP): (formerly Lucent)
 V.92 Soft Modem information (Updated 3-Oct-07)
Agere Venus Modem  (formerly Lucent):
 Information for Lucent Venus chipset Modems (Updated 6-Dec-03)
Broadcom BCM Modem
 Information & driver sources for Broadcom BCM Software Modem (Updated 7-Jan-05)
ESS Modems
 Info for modems with ESS Chipset (Updated 7-Sep-02)
Intel (formerly Cirrus / Ambient)
 Information & driver sources for Cirrus/Ambient/Intel chipset Modems
(Updated 15-Apr-05)
Lucent Wildwire Modem:
 Information for Lucent/Agere's DSL/Analog Win Modem
(Updated 18-Jun-03)
Motorola Modems/ NetDragon
 Information for modems with Motorola SM56 Chipset (Updated 30-Nov-05)
PCTel Chipsets
   Info & driver sources for modems based upon PCTel chipsets
(Updated 14-Jul-05)
Rockwell/Conexant ACF Modem:
 Information on ACF chipset modems
(Updated 13-Mar-06)
Rockwell/Conexant HCF Modem:
 Information & driver sources for HCF modems
(Updated 13-Mar-06)
Rockwell/Conexant HSF Soft56 Modem:
 Information & driver sources for Conexant HSF Soft56 Modems
(Updated 29-Sep-04)
Smartlink Chipset  (Including ST Micro / SGS-Thomson)
 Info & driver sources for modems based upon Smartlink chipsets (Updated 4-Jan-08)
TOPIC Chipset
 Information & driver sources for TOPIC chipset (560x) Modems
(Updated 26-May-02)
USR/3Com Modems
 USR Chipsets
  Information for USR/3Com modems
(Updated 10-Jan-04)
 USR Diag. Screens
   Blers, retrains, and more - what they mean
(Updated 7-Mar-01)
 Flashing a COURIER modem
 How to Flashback 3Com/USR
   Archive the flash code for your  Sportster modem
(Updated 13-Mar-06)
USR Warranty Service
   USR wants $19.95 to troubleshoot first
(Updated 18-Aug-02)
USR Soft Modems (New 3-Aug-02)
 They aren't all bad...
(Updated 3-Jul-00)
Zoom Init Strings
 Zoom's list of init strings
(Updated 4-Nov-99)

If you have a question and can't find the answer, try FORUM56 - the 56k modem message board & post your question.

If the modem doesn't work at all:
Lightning Strikes
 Modems can be damaged during thunderstorms
  (Updated 4-Jul-02)
Linux & Modems
 Issues specific to modems with Linux (Updated 18-Sep-02)
PCI Modem Installation & Troubles
 Issues specific to PCI-based modems.
(Updated 26-May-02)
PCI Tree
 Information about PCI modems can be obtained with this tool
(Updated 26-May-02)
Windows ME & Modems
 New driver architecture for WindowsME & 2k
(Updated 20-Jul-06)
Windows XP & Modems
 Installation & Modem issues with XP (Updated 18-Apr-02)
Windows Vista Modem Trouble (New 6-Mar-07)
  Installation & Modem issues with Vista
MODEM DISCONNECTS? Disabling 56k or reducing speed often helps:
What causes modem to disconnect?
Disabling 56K
 AT Commands (extra settings) for protocol selection
(Updated 13-Sep-03)
Limiting CONNECT speed:
 Automatically reject low-speed connections and re-dial to get the speed you want.
Also to limit max connect speed. (Updated 1-Dec-03)
How to to check your modem:
Setting Up Hyperterminal
 How to make HyperTerminal talk to your modem
(Updated 8-Jan-04)
Using HyperTerminal
 AT Commands and examples of test calls & diagnostics
(New 27-May-00)
 Tony Dawson's simple alternative to HyperTerminal
(Updated 5-Jan-06)
Checking your line - 56k-compatible?
Before you get a 2nd phone line...
 Adding a new phone line can change your 56k connectivity 
(New 6-Dec-99)
Check for a/d conversions:
 56k won't work with more than 1 a/d conversion (Updated 27-Apr-04)
Testing Phone Wiring
 Is the problem in your wiring or other phones?
Demarc test (Updated 27-Apr-04)
Your Phone Wiring
 Do you need CAT5 wire?
(Updated 15-Nov-03)
How to Troubleshoot connect speed:
56k Troubleshooting (Updated 7-Jan-05)
 Suggested troubleshooting procedure if you don't get 56k connects - 4 pages.
  Handshakes -
Audio of modem handshakes
  Access Numbers - Modem #s to use with testing
Other problems:
115.2k CONNECT
 What to do if you get a CONNECT 38.4, 57.6, or 115.2k
(Updated 27-Jul-03)
 Trouble with modem answering calls?
(Updated 17-Mar-04)
 Modem fails to re-dial busy number in some countries
(Updated 14-Mar-03)
Call Waiting
 If you want to get bumped with call waiting
(Updated 28-Dec-02)
Can't Hear Modem - Modem Speaker On or Off
 Controlling the modem speaker
(Updated 21-Mar-04)
Comma Magic
 Using comma(s) in phone number to dial
(Updated 25-Aug-00)
Distinctive Ring & Modems
 Distinctive Ring & Call Discrimination Explained (Updated 24-Feb-05)
DOS Support
 Software Modems with legacy DOS applications
(Updated 18-Sep-02)
DUNS Errors (RAS Errors)
 Win 95/98/NT/2k/XP/Vista Dial-up Networking error codes & their meaning
(Updated 4-Jan-08)
Escape Code
 +++ in your data may cause a problem
(Updated 13-May-03)
FAX Trouble
 Test with Microsoft Fax
(Updated 3-Jun-01)
Gamers Lag/Troubles
 Page Especially for those playing interactive games
(Updated 18-Mar-01)
Modem & Network (LAN) Card Problems
 Symptoms and resolution of NIC conflicts.
(New 18-Apr-02)
Modem Won't Hang Up / No Dial Tone
 If you can't disconnect when you want to
. (Updated 14-Jul-01)
PORT Already Open
 Dealing with PORT errors when trying to dial up.
(New 20-Aug-00)
PPP Log - How to enable and use the PPP log (New 24-Apr-01)
Prevent Modem Reset:
 If you can't get diagnostic data after net connections
(Updated 8-Aug-01)
Registry Problems
Windows Registry info
(New 29-Sep-01)
Slow to Logon
 What to check if it takes a long time to accept your user id & password.
Wave Device Troubles
 Wave Device for Voice Modem Issues
(Updated 9-Mar-04)
Windows XP & Modems - (Updated 2-Apr-03)
 XP Tips   Checking Install   Driver Signing
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