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This page is a list of various external websites and specific pages relating to modems. To find pages onModemsite, visit the Site Map or Do a Search.
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Direct to...
USR Voice Modem Support 
USR All other Modem Support 

USR Winmodems -  driver download
USR Modem Upgrade Wizard
(V.90 and older products direct to )
USR OEM Modem V.90 upgrades 
USR Remove Winmodem Registry Entries Utility
Courier latest V.90 code -
Diamond Multimedia FAQ Index -
Microsoft DUNS 1.4 upgrade for Windows 95
Microsoft Windows98 Modem Troubleshooter
How to Remove & Reinstall Dial-up Networking (Win 95/98) 
Identifying Your Chipset at Alex Kemp's modem-help
Cirrus/Ambient/Intel Documentation -French FTP site with documentation unavailable from vendor sites; also accessible via http.
Linmodem Resources - Driver links and how-to's for supporting Winmodems in Linux (Linmodem).

Other Modem Websites:
Alex Kemp's Modem Pages - This is a great site! ( -
Full of links - Frequently updated site maintained by Craig Stumpf - DUN and MAC dialer error code fixes, driver sites & more.y -
Modem Research from a techie
Point Topic 56k News
Winmodems are not Modems -
Rob Clark's Linux-oriented modem site - Drivers for modems and everything else - Registration optional - Internet-connectivity directory of web sites
Cisco Technical Assistance Center
Mac56k Test & - For you Mac users
Tektrakatus Productions Everything You Wanted to Know About Modems...
Identifying Modems
from Charley @ Surf South Technical Support - listings of Speed Test sites around the world
Why Don't High Speed Modems Work At Their Rated Speed - Alan Fowler's modem pages. - Russian site on USR modems
Telstra's Internet Assistance Program - Help for Australian users
Links to Modem vendors -
Site in German - click on letter hyperlinks for vendor lists.
Caller ID FAQ - Alastair Ainslie's extensive caller id FAQ
GuidesCentral  - Free online networking tutorials

Newsgroups Note: your news server may not carry all the listed groups. Note: your news server may not carry all the listed groups. ÜGroups are on public news servers anyone can access

news:comp.sys.laptops - if your modem is in a notebook
news:alt.comp.hardware.aptiva - if your modem is in an IBM Aptiva - for Prodigy members
news:alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq - if your modem is in a Compaq computer
news:alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 - if you modem is in a Gateway computer
news:alt.sys.pc-clone.zeos  - for customers of IBM's IGN



Website Forums:
FORUM56 - Moderated modem discussion with author Richard Gamberg
IBM Aptiva Support - Official IBM support. You have to create a profile & logon, then you have access to forums
Compaq Support Forum - Official Compaq support forum - registration required
DellTalk Forum - Official Dell support forum - registration required - go to Dell Support Page
The Driver Forum (modems) - Device driver discussions Message Board
The Notebook Buyers Message Board
Unofficial SONY VAIO Message Board
Unofficial SONY VAIO Users Group
PC Mechanic Forum
Virtual Dr. Forum
Experts Exchange
Webzone Newsgroups
Tom's Hardware Delphi Forum (requires Delphi registration & cookies)
Unofficial Aptiva Message Board

ISP-related discussion archives & info:

Bay-ISP List (peer-assisted group for Nortel & other RAS)
Lucent/Livingston Portmaster Users
USR/TC Discussion Archive
Ascend Discussion Archive
Cisco NAS Discussion Archive
ISP Tech Lists Archives
Patton Users

Lucent's Troubleshooting a Modem Connection to a PM3

Other Assorted sites/pages:> - Develops & markets serial & comm libraries; has info on UART operation
SHSMOD - Utility to boost UART speed beyond 115.2k in some systems.
PassMark ModemTest - modem diagnostic software for Windows -
Just for laughs
Telecom News & tutorials
Microsoft KB Troubleshooting Modem Problems in Win98

Microsoft KB - Connecting to ISP is slow
Microsoft Support - How to Disconnect a Dial-up Networking Connection
Microsoft Windows 98 & 2k Modem Registry Reference: Intro to INI File Registry Entries - Win98 DUNS Errors

Zoltrix AT Command for K56Flex Models
Rockwell's 56k Whitepaper (excellent if you are interested in the technical details of how modems work)
Verizon Network Disclosure (If you are served by Verizon/GTE, you can find what kind of switch you and your ISP are served by, and any planned changes here.)
Bell South Network Disclosure  (See description of Verizon above)
QWest Network Disclosure
(See description of Verizon above)
SBC Network Disclosure
(See description of Verizon above)
US West Network Disclosure (See description of Verizon above)
Telcodata.US - Identified location and switch type for any USA area code/exchange
US West InterConnection Database
US Robotics x2 Troubleshooting Guide for ISPs (You'll need Acrobat reader to get this)
Lilla's Notes on Dell I7000 Modem
ESS / ES56-X Family Chipsets
COMPAQ FAQ - How Do I Upgrade My (Compaq-supplied) Modem?
Compaq - Overview of Analog Dialup Modem Performance
Don's 5408 - Unofficial Aptiva Support Site
Aaron@Cisco's How Fast is My Modem Connection?
DSL Reports Telco CO Locator
- Lookup location of Telco facilities & capabilities
Microsoft Windows 2000 Hardware Compatibility List
Microsoft Driver Signing for Windows 2000 
Jungo, Ltd.
- Makes driver development tools, including WinDriver, to simplify development of device drivers.
Microsoft Articles on Windows Modems:
   Windows Modem Update 
   Modems In Windows Operating Systems 
   What does WDM Mean to Device Driver Writers? 
   Adding a VxD Interface to Sys Drivers 

Modem Vendor Sites: (Also see LT Winmodem and HCF Modem pages.)

Allied Data Technologies Belgium (Tron Modems)
ModularTech - The only modem manufacturer left in the UK. Makes HCF modems.
Motorola - SM56 Modem
Phoebe Micro (PCTel chipset) - Specs   - Drivers

Wisecom (USA)


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