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630 - The port was disconnected due to hardware failure.
Error 630: The computer is not receiving a response from the modem. Check that the modem is plugged in, and if necessary, turn the modem off, and then turn it back on.

All Systems: This error may indicate the modem is damaged, not connected, or installed improperly. If you have an external modem, make sure the cable is connected, and the modem is powered on. If there have been electrical disturbances (including thunderstorms or power failure/surges) since the last time the modem worked, that may be the cause. If the modem has never worked, double-check installation, and if possible, try the modem in another system. 

This error may also occur if your modem is being given a bad init string - with a command that it does not support. Remove any extra settings/init string. Make sure the modem is installed with and using the correct .inf file - examine modemlog to see if there is any modem response.

This error (or Error 680 or 692) may occur if you have special telephone company provided features - like distinctive dial tone - including dial tone stuttering signaling voice-mail services, etc. Several methods can be used to fix this including the use of commas in the dialed number, or changing the wait for dial-tone time. See Microsoft KB Article Q184086

Windows 95, 98 & Me - can occur if another program is already using the modem, or, if the modem or serial port's resources configuration is incorrect. See Microsoft KB Article 158114.

Windows 98 & Me - can occur if 'SupportSerialKey devices' accessibility option is configured to use the same COM port as the modem. See Microsoft KB Article Q227995

Windows 98 - This error message can occur if the modem is using a new serial port assignment due to new devices installed by Windows 98 hardware detection. In these cases, change the properties of the Dial-Up Networking connection to use the new modem settings. Programs in the StartUp folder can also cause this error message. You may need to disable or remove programs from the Startup folder. See Error 630 section of Microsoft KB Article Q190554 - Troubleshooting Modem Problems in Windows 98.  Can also occur with 3Com modem/ethernet combo PC Card - see MS KB 198002.

With MS Outlook98 and WinFax Starter Edition -
See MS KB Article 183944

Windows 98 & Me - with Toshiba Satellite Computer and CardBus PC Card - see MS KB Article 245132

Windows 2000 & XP - This error can occur if another application or process is monitoring the modem port. Resetting TCP/IP may solve this problem: See
How to Reset DUNs - TCP/IP.

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