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692 - Hardware failure in port or attached device.

This error can occur if your modem is not properly installed, or for an external modem if the power to the modem is turned off. Verify the modem installation by checking Control Panel->Modems - driver and diagnostic (more info). The error can also be caused by a bad or loose serial cable with external modems. 

This error can also occur if you have any service that gives a non-standard dial-tone such as telco-provided voice mail. The error can be avoided by adding commas before the number to dial.

This error can occur with Windows NT 4.0 if HyperTerminal already has the port in use. See this MS KB article.

With Windows 2000 or XP if you have Quicken 2000 installed: The error can be caused by the Quicken Download Manager; Removing the modem and re-installing it may result in the modem working - for a single session. The permanent solution is to remove Quicken 2000, or disable the Quicken Download Manager. This Intuit article explains how to turn off the Quicken Download Manager. The problem is also discussed in this Dell Solutions KB Article. Also see this Delltalk message.

With Windows-2000 and CompuServe or UUNET - see this MS KB article.

With Windows NT or 2000 and 3Com Impact ISDN Modem - you need an updated .inf file. See this MS KB article.

With Windows NT and USR Sportster ISDN Modem - you need updated driver. See this MS KB article.

With Windows NT and IBM MWave Modem when using Logon via DUNs option - an updated IBM driver may solve the problem, or log on first using a local account. See this MS KB article.

With IBM ValuePoint 466DX2 computers - a BIOS update may be required. See this MS KB article.

With Windows XP - See MS KB 314846 (modem malfunction, bad cable, port, or handshaking option problems.)

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