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737 - Loopback detected.

Error 737 is triggered by a loopback of data involved in setting up a PPP connection after the modem successfully CONNECTs to the remote modem.

This error may occur when making calls to ISPs that use an authentication protocol within PPP (point-to-point protocol).

ISPs using authentication after PPP - may include/require a dial-up script or other proprietary dialer. In some cases, a plain-text string is transmitted to the RAS, and then a PPP session is established. If the PPP session isn't established because the local system is receiving back the packets it is sending, error 737 may be reported.

The problem may be timing: a script that has DELAY # (where # is a number representing seconds) may need a value 1 or more seconds greater; or, if there is no delay, one may be needed.

Examine the PPP Log to see details of the PPP setup failure.

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