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Fax Trouble (Updated 3-Jun-01)

The first thing I suggest when troubleshooting fax problems with a modem is to try faxing with Microsoft Fax. This fax utility is included with all versions of Windows* - except WindowsMe -  , and when installed, is a "printer" in Windows. By selecting the Microsoft Fax printer and printing any document, you should be able to send a fax.

When Microsoft Windows is installed, the Microsoft Fax application may or may not be included depending upon the setup options.

If Microsoft Fax is not listed as a printer in your PRINTERS folder, go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, and select the Windows Setup tab. Microsoft Fax should be listed as one of the components - add a check to it, click OK and the fax applet will be installed. Note that some versions of Windows (i.e. WindowsNT) have a different procedure for adding Microsoft Fax.

If Microsoft Fax works, but the application you are using doesn't (i.e. WinFax Pro, QuickLink, etc.), the problem lies in the 3rd-party fax application's compatibility with your modem. Some of these programs allow you to change the type of fax modem in setup; however, sometimes these programs will not have correct parameters. In addition, init strings for modem fax mode are complicated. Check to see if there is an update for your fax program, or just use Microsoft Fax.

Receiving faxes: To automatically receive faxes, you configure your fax program to auto-answer the line. This means the fax program must monitor the modem. Since the modem can only be used by one program at a time, you may need to stop the auto-answer in order to use the modem with other programs (like to call your ISP with DUNs).

* - To install, or see if it's already installed, go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. Then click on Windows Setup; the Fax application should be listed under Communications Details. If it has a check mark, it's already installed; if it has no check mark, you check it, and Install.

Some vendor or non-upgrade versions of Windows may not include Microsoft Fax in the pre-load or in the install list as described above - although the files for installation still come with Windows: Search for and run wms.exe which is the Window's Messaging Installation; reboot; then, search for and run awfax.exe which is the Microsoft Fax installation. For further information, see this Microsoft KB Article.

WINDOWS MELLENNIUM  - MS FAX NOT SUPPORTED - Microsoft does not provide any fax program with WindowsMe, and suggests using a 3rd party program. However, 3rd-party programs that weren't designed and tested with WindowsMe may also fail to work. See this MS KB Article.

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