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HP Riptide Info Updated 30-Dec-01

The HP Riptide is rather unique in that although it has a 'standard' HCF modem chipset, it also provides sound card functionality. This means the driver and system support for it is different that 'standard' HCF modems. Note: This Forum56 post indicates it might be possible to use GVC HCF modem driver along with HP's sound driver to support Win2K or different modem driver versions. [The HP site has "unsupported" Win2k drivers: North America, European, Asia/Pacific.] Note that recent HP models may have a second version of the "Riptide" modem which is not an HCF-based modem, but a SOFT56 - HSF audio/modem aka Chameleon/Riptide. If your HP-supplied combo-modem is Chameleon - see Soft56 - HP listing.

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