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Net.Medic Info (Updated 27-Feb-07)

I've purchased and continue to use Net.Medic, and recommend it highly. There are many links on my site to an order page for Net.Medic that is no longer available.  Net.Medic was published by VitalSigns which was bought by INS which was bought by Lucent. Lucent/INS stopped selling Net.Medic - and made it available as a Free Download.  On February 12, 2001, Net.Medic was discontinued and replaced with MyVitalAgent - which was made available at no charge. In 2003 MyVitalAgent disappeared from the Lucent site.

I've never found a throughput monitoring tool I like better than  the original NetMedic program - the discontinued (1.2.2) version is available for download from Modemsite. Note - The original program was designed for Windows95/98 and is no longer supported. I have, and continue to use, this version in other versions of Windows including NT, 2000, Me and XP. However, it's not guaranteed to work in later versions of Windows. (I've heard from a user who indicates it messed up networking setup on XP system when he installed it. Personally, I'm using it with XP, and it may crash  without affecting anything else (very rare) - and re-starts without a problem. I've also heard from others using it with XP with no apparent ill-effects.) Net.Medic does not work with Windows Vista: it will install and run, but despite network activity there will be no display of throughput. MyVitalAgent 8.0.1 is also available for download from Modemsite.

This free program from AnalogX software provides throughput monitoring like Net.Medic (although it doesn't provide monitoring and reporting on all the items Net.Medic does). I haven't tried this software, but it's free and the download is only 225k. Check it out and let me know what you think! (Note: One report of a problem using it with NT; several reports of satisfaction from Win95/98 users...)


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