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More Modem Questions and Answers

This page is where I'm putting some of the questions I've gotten - with the answer!

Earthlink software was installed on this Windows XP PC and since I have taken it off when I connect to the web the double computers do not come up in the taskbar. Is there a way to restore them when connected. I have tried uninstalling dialup adapter, reinstalling it and have looked all over for something, even in the registry but no luck.

Edit your connectoid - The 'Show Icon in Notification Area' option needs to be checked. (2nd screen shot on this page.) For Windows 9x - It's also a connectoid/modem properties setting: Edit the connectoid - enable Display Modem Status (5th screen shot on this page).

I've caught my modem dialing out persistently without me asking it to and wonder who it is trying to dial (In case it is some spyware). Is there any way I might find out who it is trying to dial?

All versions of Windows include a Modemlog capability. Windows changes the phone number dialed to #'s, but, if you add the command E1 (e-one) to the modem initialization string, the phone number will be viewable from the modem log. (Auto dialing can come from spyware/adware/malware, as well as from settings in the various programs - browsers, e-mail, newsreaders, etc. - that you have installed on your computer. Also recommended: Lavasoft's Ad-aware.)



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