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Home Troubleshooting Rockwell/Conexant Soft56 Modem Part 1 Step by Step Part 2

Soft56 - Using Other Drivers Step-By-Step Part II  - Removing Modem

Before installing new drivers, remove the modem. Control Panel's ADD/REMOVE programs should list your modem (with a name that matches listing in your System display.)

Highlight the modem, click Add/Remove, confirm the removal.

Now, you can use the ADD NEW HARDWARE Control Panel Function to install the new drivers:


Next / Next

Use the Search selection & Next...
Then, specify the location of the upgrade driver package (that has the modified .inf file); You can use the Browse to locate the directory.
IF you don't specify the correct location, or if the .inf file doesn't have correct PCI ID information, you may get an Error message; Use BACK to specify the correct location; use Notepad to double-check, and edit if necessary, the .inf file.
The next screen should show the path and name of your modified .inf file, and Next will install the Modem Enumerator....

Next - and you'll get a screen that shows the installation of the enumerator, then the installation of the Modem, ending  with a Finish button...

Note: Make sure to select NO if you are asked if you want to keep the 'newer' file currently on your computer:

Upon completion, you should show a Modem Enumerator and Modem installed.


It is possible to run into trouble if you switch between versions as Windows builds a database of where drivers are located. It is possible to specify a location, and Windows will only 'pretend' to use it, getting some of the files from a different version's location. If this happens, you may get multiple modems, and may have trouble getting the modem to work. A good way of avoiding this is to re-name the directories containing your driver files after you install them.

If you get a modem listed twice in SYSTEM -

Select the non-working one (?!) and Remove it.


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