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Readme - SV92P 2.1.46

This driver supports Agere (formerly Lucent) softmodems (SV92P, SV92PL, and SV92P2) with PCI Device ID's 048C, 048E, 048F, and 0600. V.92 features supported include Modem-on-hold, Quick Connect (Fast Connect) and PCM upstream. V.44 data compression is also supported. Quick Connect and Modem-on-hold are enabled by default; PCM upstream is disabled by default. These settings can be modified with appropriate V.92 commands. Modem-on-hold version 1.72 should be used with this release. (Modem-on-hold version 1.73 contains only cosmetic changes from 1.72; version 1.73 is compatible but is not being released at Modemsite for the SVP.)

At this time, the 2.1.46 driver is available from Modemsite only for systems running Windows 2000 & XP. The Windows 98, Me and NT versions of the driver are not presently available from Modemsite. If you are interested in the driver for one of these operating systems, please send me feedback.

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