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Readme - SV92P 2.1.47

This driver supports Agere (formerly Lucent) softmodems (SV92P, SV92PL, and SV92P2) with PCI Device ID's 048C, 048E, 048F, and 0600. V.92 features supported include Modem-on-hold, Quick Connect (Fast Connect) and PCM upstream. V.44 data compression is also supported. Quick Connect and Modem-on-hold are enabled by default; PCM upstream is disabled by default. These settings can be modified with appropriate V.92 commands. Modem-on-hold version 1.72 should be used with this release. (Modem-on-hold version 1.73 contains only cosmetic changes from 1.72; version 1.73 is compatible but is not being released at Modemsite for the SVP.)

Driver releases are available for Windows 98, WindowsMe, Windows NT. For Windows 2000/XP, 2 different versions are available: one for modems that include an on-board speaker, and another that routes call-progress audio to the system audio for modems that do not include on-board speaker. The Windows 2000/XP drivers are Microsoft WHQL digitally signed drivers which means they can be installed without bringing up a warning about unsigned drivers.

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