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Topic Chipset  (Updated 26-May-02)

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A number of modem makers, including GVC, Wellmodem, and others are making modems with the TOPIC chipset 560. The Topic chipset is made by IC PLUS Corp., founded in 1997 in Taiwan.

There are 3 TOPIC modem chipsets - both consisting of a single chip supporting data/fax/voice and speakerphone capability: The TP560x for external modems, and 560i for internal PCI implementations. The TP561 chip can be used in conjunction with the 560x to make a USB modem. These chipsets require additional components (memory) to build a modem. The third chipset, IP568 is a single chip with onboard memory. All of these chipsets are used to make a hardware-controller based modem. IC Plus does not offer any firmware, support or documentation other than basic specifications for their chipset. The information provided indicates the modem supports V.90, without supporting either x2 or K56Flex.

AT I1 I4 - returns the firmware version (DTE-i1; Datapump - i4).
AT I5 - returns country code.
AT %D0 - disables blacklisting

A command reference is available from Wellmodem (PDF format). There is also a User Manual.
(Also available from Command Reference    User Manual; and, a combined User's Manual and Command set in MS Word format for the IP568.)

There is no mention of any modem diagnostics (other than basic model/firmware reporting) in any of the documentation. It is unknown whether the modem supports AT#UD unimodem diagnostics (but, it is known that at least some of the Topic-chipset products do not support diagnostics.) You'll find Speed Limit Commands here.

&U# - controls highest connection protocol where # can be a value between 0 and 5:
    0 - select PCM (V.90)
    1 - V.34bis/V.34 (33.6k max)
    2 - V.32bis/V.22bis (14.4k max)
    3 - Bell 103 (300bps)
    4 - V.21 (300bps)
    5 - V.23 (1200bps)

Firmware/Driver Sources:

Askey- also known as Dynamode/Dynalink/Dynanet
Netcomm (Australia) 
(Model IN5710)
Wellmodem - External
Wellmodem - Internal

Data Sheets:

IP561 USB Datasheet
IP568 Datasheet

V.92: Topic's 560x page says "For V.92 please contact IC Plus Corp." Lightspeed  has a "V.92 Australia Zip" for their 5600TP external - this Franc Zabkar post indicates successful upgrade of the modem with V.92 firmware. He's also posted a hi-res image of the Lightspeed modem board.

If you have any further information on these modems - please let me know!

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