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In order to really test your modem you need to call more than just 1 (your ISP's) number. If you are not getting 56k connects, you should try your modem with other local/toll/toll-free numbers. This is a list of some toll-free numbers, the 3Com "Line Test" Number (a toll-call), and links to various ISP local access number listings Setting up an account with a Free ISP is another way you can test and isolate modem/ISP problems. (But, before you go installing all the FreeISPs out there, check this out!)

1-847-330-2780 - USR Linetest number - this is a toll call; if you log-in as "Line Test" with a v.34 modem, it will attempt to determine if your line will support 56k connections.

1-847-330-4569 - US Robotics' V.92 Test number - this is a toll call; the server is a 3Com Total Control HiPer ARC running V.92 server side code that supports PCM upstream.

The following numbers use toll circuits but are free to the caller (as long as you don't log in):

1-800-245-3828 - (Canadian weather BBS)
- (IBM Global network access # x2 and V.90  3Com Server)
1-800-784-3638 - (Netcom - supports V.90)
1-888-861-8490 - (MCI/Worldcom))
1-888-245-0113 - (AOL access x2)
1-800-716-0023 - (AOL alternate access)
1-888-296-3892 - (AT&T Worldnet accessV.90,x2)
1-800-638-1483 - (GTE Net access - V.90/K56Flex   Ascend Server)
1-800-572-1959 - (Compuserve V.90,x2)
1-800-350-6885 - (Earthlink - V.90,x2)
1-800-853-7921 - (Earthlink - Flex)
1-800-534-7097 - (Earthlink - Flex)
1-800-304-4226 - ( - Flex)
1-800-320-4509 - (Ascend 56KFlex test line)
1-800-779-2966 - (Used to be MCI)
1-800-846-7562 - (Gateway BBS)

Toll call Test # - Cisco has set up an access server at its dial-up lab with Microcom and MICA server modems: Microcom - 408-570-3930     MICA - 408-570-3932

1-303-494-4774 - NIST atomic clock
1-202-762-1594 - USNS atomic clock

Note -
When trying numbers, it's helpful to try a variety of server modems, and it helps to know what they are. The table below lists the brand of server modem primarily used by the ISP - if I know. In addition to the servers listed, many local ISPs also use Lucent/Livingston Portmaster (PM3) or Cisco (AS5200/5300) equipment. The PM3 is another 'class' of modems; Cisco has two modems available - one is Rockwell-based, and one Cisco-in-house (Mica). ALL server modems have a multitude of firmware releases, which may also affect connectivity. In some cases, you may be able to determine what kind of equipment is used at an access number by dialing in with HyperTerminal: some ISPs may include a text login prompt that identifies the equipment (ie, TNT=Ascend, PM3 or Portmaster=Lucent, USR or HiPer or TotalControl=3Com).

ISP (w/ link to local access #s) Primary 56k support Primary Modems
Address.Com   **
America On-Line V.90, K56Flex, some V.92 Ascend
American Express OnLine V.90, x2 3Com
AT&T Worldnet Access Numbers V.90 (Some V.92) 3Com V.90 Cisco V.90 3Com
Compuserve     **
Concentric Access Numbers V.90, K56Flex Bay Networks
CWIA Access Numbers V.90, K56Flex **
Dot Now V.90, K56Flex (Various)
Earthlink Access Numbers V.90, K56Flex Ascend (Various)
Erol's Access Numbers (Erol's/Starpower/RCN) V.90, K56Flex Ascend
GridNet (WorldCom) V.90, x2 3Com
GTE Internet Access Numbers (Verizon Online) V.90, K56Flex Ascend
IBM Global Network (AT&T Business) V.90, x2 3Com
Juno++++ (Free or pay ISP and/or Free e-mail) V.90, K56Flex some Bay Networks
MCI WorldCom V.90  
Microsoft MSN V.90, K56Flex Ascend
Netzero V.90, K56Flex ** Access Numbers V.90 **
Pacific Bell Internet K56Flex **
Sprynet Access Numbers V.90 **
SurfBest $12.50 50US&Canada V.90 Ascend Access Numbers V.90 **
UUNet Access Numbers V.90, K56Flex Ascend

* - Not all providers have 56k access on all numbers
** - Not known; If you know, please let me know!

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