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Zoom 3049L compatible Firmware Update (New 6-Dec-03)

Modemsite has updated V.92 firmware compatible with Zoom 3049L modems and an updated modem-on-hold applet. This firmware Serial S030530, was built in August 2003.

Modem-on-Hold applet 1.73 for Venus modems is also available from Modemsite and is needed along with the updated firmware to support MoH on V.92 connections.

These downloads are available from this page with a Premium Access Subscription. If you have a subscription, Login. Otherwise, Sign Up.

*If a hardware modem is flashed with incompatible firmware, the modem will be damaged -
the modem will no longer operate. The modem will need to be REPLACED.
This firmware is compatible with: Zoom 3049L

*If a modem is flashed with firmware not supplied by the modem manufacturer,
the warranty, if any, may be voided.

*If a modem is flashed with compatible firmware, but the flash process does not
successfully complete, the modem may be damaged and will no longer operate. The
modem will need to be REPLACED.


This firmware is supplied AS IS AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

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