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Wave Device for Voice Modem

If your Windows systems ever seems to go "haywire" looking for a Wave Device for Voice Modem (trying to install it but can't find it, or trying to install it every time you boot up your computer), this may be of some help:

The Driver is not part of your modem support files, and is not part of the sound card support files - the driver needed comes with Windows. If you are prompted for a file location when installing the wave driver for voice modem, you need to direct to your Windows CD or pre-load!

The Wave Device allows a voice modem to send and receive audio to the sound card via the system bus (no cable is needed between the modem and sound card). 

The "Wave Device" installation is controlled by an .inf file supplied with your modem. If this .inf file has been removed, edited, or isn't the correct one for your modem, you may have a problem.

Additionally, the modem name (device %Serial.DeviceDesc%) in the .inf file must match exactly the modem name as appearing in ControlPanel->Modems. The .inf file will specify registry entries to be made (if your registry is damaged you may have a problem); and Microsoft drivers supplied with Windows95/98 will be required; if these Microsoft drivers are not already installed on your system, it will need to get them from either the original Microsoft Win95/98 CD or vendor pre-load to your hard drive. If you deleted these files, or don't have the original Microsoft CD, you may have difficulty.

The .inf file that controls the wave device installation:

LT Win Modem               =  ltwave.inf
3Com/USR Winmodems  =  3comwave.inf
Rockwell/Conexant       =  wavrss.inf

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