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Who Manufactured my Modem? (Updated 13-Dec-00)

Your computer may have come with an "Internal 56k Modem", and you might know who actually made it - but in many instances, that information is 'hidden' from you. It's possible to purchase OEM modems at retail that don't reveal the manufacturer of the modem.

If you purchased say an IBM-Aptiva with an "LT Win Modem", IBM may be responsible for support, but once you know 'who made your modem', you have new opportunities to upgrade your modem.

ALL MODEMS SOLD IN THE US ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE AN FCC ID #. The only downside here is that this ID # is on the modem itself, and with internal modems, you have to open your CPU, and usually remove the modem card to find the FCC ID. (You may also find some other markings or model #s that might give you a clue as to who made it.)

Once you find the FCC ID, put the first 3 characters of the ID to find the manufacturer on my lookup page.   Note: If you put the first 1 or 2 characters, all matching entries will be displayed

For example, my IBM Aptiva (2140-L61) came with an "Lt WinModem". I turned my power off, unplugged the AC cord, opened the cover, removed the phone cable, removed the screw holding the modem card, and pulled it out. On the back, I found a sticker that had the FCC ID #: DK4TAI-24427-M5-E. I went to the FCC site, put DK4 in the 1st search field, and got back the manufacturer: GVC Corp., Taiwan.

I also found stamped on the component side: "DF-1156HV/R2B"  (GVC's model #/board revision #), and noticed the LUCENT 1643 (Apollo) chip.

Similarly, my 3Com/USR Courier has an FCC ID starting with CJE. If I put CJE in the FCC query, I get back US Robotics Access Corp.

IF YOU HAVE A PCI MODEM: Information regarding the source of the modem - and other parameters - are stored on the card. You can use a PCI utility like PCI Tree to get the PnP ID and vendor information from the modem.

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