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Test of ZOOM 2949 DualMode V.90 modem
April, 1998

UPDATE - May 1999 - Zoom for some time now has been making the 2949 modem with Lucent chipsets, and will contain the letter 'L' after the 2949. This is the Lucent Venus chipset - and the firmware for it, in my opinion, hasn't matured as much as the Lucent Windows Modems (Mars/Apollo chipset). This review was written on the old Rockwell/Conexant-based 2949 - the firmware for which is also not as good as 3Com and Lucent-Mars/Apollo.

UPDATE - December 1998. Zoom has finally released new firmware for the Rockwell-based 2949 modem - and it is better, although still not as good as 3Com or Lucent firmware. Zoom also has introduced model 2949 (and other) modems that are entirely different inside - instead of a Rockwell chipset, they have the Lucent Venus chipset. The only outside difference is that the Lucent-based modem will have an 'L at the end of the model # (ie, 2949L). The Lucent-based Venus firmware, in my opinion, is better than Rockwell's, but has some serious trouble with certain line conditions the Lucent-based LT Mars/Apollo modems, as well as 3Com/USR modems have no trouble with. I still wouldn't recommend the Zoom.

4/29/98 - I get a Zoom 56k DualMode External 56k/V.90 modem - to try before selling it to a business. (Or returning it for a refund....)

Specific results:

To 3Com V.90 server equipment:

To KFlex Server Equipment:

Conclusion at this point: The Zoom modem will make some Flex and V.90 connects, but it performs poorly on the line conditions I have when compared to both the Courier v.Everything and the Lucent LT Winmodem.

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