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With driver 5.12 & later, the LT will have a new, distinctive V90 handshake. Click here for RealAudio of the LT's V90 handshake. With version 5.49, the handshake sound has changed - the tick-tick-tick sound is different. The audio includes both 5.12-5.44 and 5.49+ handshakes.

Click here for additional handshakes including V.92.


The LT modem includes a command: AT i11:

The ATI11 result has two pages; the user must hit a key to get the second page. The following example & explanations are taken from the Lucent Data Addendum Version 1.1. I've highlighted some of the more important things you should look at:

at i11

     Description                  K56flex connection   V.90 Connection
     ---------------              ------------------    ---------------

1 Last Connection                            56K                   V.90
2 Initial Transmit Carrier Rate            28800                  28800
3 Initial Receive Carrier Rate             50000                  49333
4 Final Transmit Carrier Rate              28800                  28800
5 Final Receive Carrier Rate               50000                  49333
6 Protocol Negotiation Result               LAPM                   LAPM
7 Data Compression Result                 V42bis                 V42bis

8 Estimated Noise Level                      152                    152
9 Receive Signal Power Level (-dBm)           25                     25
10 Transmit Signal Power Level (-dBm)        16                     16
11 Round Trip Delay (msec)                     4                      4
Press any key to continue; ESC to quit.
12 Near Echo Level (-dBm)                     NA                     NA
13 Far Echo Level (-dBm)                      NA                     NA
14 Transmit Frame Count                        3                      3
15 Transmit Frame Error Count                  0                      0
16 Receive Frame Count                         0                      0
17 Receive Frame Error Count                   0                      0
18 Retrain by Local Modem                      0                      0
19 Retrain by Remote Modem                     0                      0
20 Call Termination Cause                      0                      0
21 Robbed-Bit Signaling                       00                     00

22 Digital Loss (dB)                           6                      6
23 Remote Server ID 4342C3 NA                                  

The ATI11 command may be issued from on-line command mode or after the end of a call. With driver version 5.39 & up, data for the I11 display is retained even through power-off. Each of the line items in the ATI11 result is explained next:

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