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How to tell what LT Modem driver you have:

ATi3 is the command that returns the firmware/driver version. There are several ways to see the response to ATi3, but they all require that the modem not be in use. You can use HyperTerminal or Modemchk, or 

with Windows95/98/Me, the ControlPanel->Modems->Diagnostics tab-> More Info... will display the modem response for a series of ATi# commands - just look for the ATI3 response. 

with Windows 2000 & XP, Control Panel, Modems, Properties, Diagnostics tab, Query Modem - displays modem responses for series of ATi# commands - just look for the ATI3 response.

Driver versions lower than 4.xx do not implement 56k at all; 4.xx versions are K56Flex only, and 5.xx versions support V.90 and K56Flex. V.90 versions lower than 5.12 lack "Digital Impairment Learning" handshaking. Driver versions 6.xx are later V.90 versions that lack K56Flex support. 

The latest drivers are 8.xx versions that provide V.90 and lower protocol support for all LT modems. The 8.xx drivers also provide V.92/V.44 capability for V.92-capable LT modems. See LT & V.92.

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