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DUNS Connectoids  - Editing

To edit a DUNS connectoid, right-click the icon in Dial-Up Networking:

and click Properties

These are the entries that come from the Create New Connection. Note the 'Use area code and Dialing Properties' checkbox, which defaults to using the area code and Windows dialing properties set in Telephony.

Uncheck it, and you can enter the phone number, including area code and any special dialing codes directly in the Telephone Number box; If it is checked, make sure the settings in Control Panel -> Telephony are correct!

Besides OK and Cancel, there are 4 tabs or buttons that can be clicked that bring up other Windows:

Server Types - This is very important, and the defaults are usually incorrect when creating a New Connection.

Scripting - Normally blank, and normally not needed for connections to ISPs.

Multilink - If you have more than 1 modem, more than 1 phone line, and ISP accounts for multilinking, this is where you set it up.

Configure - Modem-related settings.

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