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Home Troubleshooting DUNS Errors  Error 628


628 - The port was disconnected.

This error may indicate a problem with your settings for the dial-up connection - the connectoid.  Make sure that the settings are appropriate for your ISP - your ISP should be able to tell you what options should be checked, and other settings that you will need in your connectoid. This error may be caused by improper authentication/security options and settings on your connectoid - the modem connects to the remote access server, but disconnects because proper authentication did not occur. You may be able to verify that this is the problem by checking the modem in Hyperterminal. With Hyperterminal set to communicate directly to your modem's COM port, dial the ISP, and see if the modem connects. (In Hyperterminal, you may be able to enter a username / password, but, if they are entered and accepted, you will not be able to proceed - Hyperterminal cannot process the type of data that is sent once you have connected to and been authenticated by a remote access server.)

If you cannot access and control the modem with Hyperterminal, you may need to re-install the modem or modem drivers.

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