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639 - No asynchronous net available.

Check your networking setup: Make sure that Dial-up Networking is installed. If your system has a network card (NIC), which isn't being used, remove or disable it. If you have a NIC that is being used, review your network settings for both the LAN/NIC and Dial-up Networking.

Check your connectoid. Make sure it is configured properly for your ISP, and that it specifies the correct modem. Check your ISP's setup instructions for establishing a connection with them, and create or correct your connectoid's properties.

Verify that your modem is working properly using Hyperterminal. Call your ISP with Hyperterminal. (See Using Hyperterminal.)

If you have a PCI modem, it is possible you have a IRQ problem/conflict. Try the modem in a different PCI slot.


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