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676 - The line is busy.

All versions of Windows - This error can occur if:

  • You are dialing the wrong number
  • There is a problem at your ISP or in the telephone network
  • You have voice-mail or other custom calling feature that produces a stutter dial-tone
  • You haven't specified the proper country settings for your modem and the number you are dialing, or your modem doesn't support the country you are in.
  • If you include the disable call waiting code in your dialing, and your phone line does not support call waiting; or, if you have call waiting, but your phone company doesn't support the disable call waiting code.

Check the settings for the DUNS Connectoid you are using.

If you have voice-mail or other custom-calling feature that produces stuttered dial-tone, you may be able to eliminate the problem by disabling dial-tone or busy detection: Add x to extra settings to disable busy and dial-tone detection; add x2 to extra settings to disable only busy detection.

If your modem doesn't offer support for your country, disabling dial-tone/busy detection (x in extra settings) might work (only if tone or pulse dialing for selected country is compatible with yours).

Use modem's speaker to listen to connection attempt: Make sure it dials, and make sure you do not hear a busy signal. 

Examine Modemlog to see what number is actually being dialed. (If # dialed is not displayed, adding E1 to extra settings may help.)

Try dialing with pulse instead of tone; Try increasing the tone duration. [ s11=120 ]

Windows NT - Error 676 line busy is reported when you should receive a 'No Dial Tone' 680 error. This was first correct in SP6. See MS KB Q239870

Windows 98 - Depending upon the method you use to connect to your ISP, this error may occur even if you have configured automatic re-dial when the line is busy. See MS KB 187215.

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