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720 - No PPP control protocols configured.

All Operating Systems - This error can occur if you have not configured your Dial-up Networking settings to use a protocol supported by the ISP or system you are calling. Check the Server Types tab of your Dial-up connectoid. Most ISP's use TCP/IP protocol, and no others should be checked. There is a screenshot of a Windows 95 connectoid's Server Tab here. Also check the Dial-up Server selection. For most ISP's this will be PPP, although some may support SLIP or CSLIP.

If you have selected TCP/IP as the protocol, and it is not supported by the system you are calling, you may get this error. (For example, a Remote Access Server set up for NetBEUI.) Solution: Configure the Server Types of the DUNS connectoid to match the protocol installed on the remote server.

If you are connecting to a server that requires 128-bit encryption and your system doesn't have 128-bit encryption installed, you may get this error. This Microsoft page will detect and recommend 128-bit encryption upgrade. Also see: MS KB Article: Installing RRAS disables 128-bit encryption.

The installation of TCP/IP and/or dial-up networking may be damaged. Check ControlPanel->Network for TCP/IP assigned to (or bound to) the Dial-up Adapter. You can Remove, then Re-install the TCP/IP protocol (except with newer versions of Windows - see next paragraph). If you have a LAN card in your machine and access the Internet via a modem, unless you use TCP/IP on your LAN, TCP/IP should be assigned (bound) to only the Dial-up Adapter.

With Windows XP, you cannot re-install TCP/IP, but you can reset it with the following DOS command:

Click Start, then Run..., and put the following in the Open text box (or enter the following from a DOS command prompt which you can get by Start->Run-> cmd)
netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

Windows NT: If you have configured RAS to only receive calls, you may receive this error. Go to the Remote Access Service tab on Services from ControlPanel->Network, and configure RAS for dial-out only, or dial-out and receive calls. See this MS KB Article.

Windows NT & 2000: This MS KB Article indicates the error (as well as error 611) may have several different causes, including the NETBIOS interface not being installed, or NETBIOS binding disabled.

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