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769 - The specified destination is not reachable.

This error should only occur if you are trying to connect to the Internet or remote server via a PPPoE (Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet) link. A PPPoE connection is often used with DSL service, but is almost never used for a dial-up connection to the Internet.

Check your network connections (connectoids) - if you show all connections (Start-> Connect to -> Show all connections) make sure that your dial-up connectoids are listed in the 'dial-up' section. If you are trying to establish a VPN (virtual private network) dial-up connection, it's necessary to specify a normal dial-up connectoid in the 'First dial' section of the VPN connectoid.

This error may also occur if you are attempting to establish a PPPoE connection via a network card that is not enabled (or properly installed). See MS KB Q316395.

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