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777 - The connection attempt failed because the modem (or other connecting device) on the remote computer is out of order.

This error cannot occur with Windows 95/98 or NT - only with Windows Me or 2K.

This error can occur if you have installed your modem with an incorrect driver. Identify your modem chipset, PCI ID, manufacturer, and make sure you are using the correct driver.

If you get this error, the modem or DUNS may not be installed or set-up properly. See if you can talk to your modem with Hyperterminal setup as described here - if you can, inspect/re-install DUNs; if you cannot, the modem needs to be re-installed. In some cases, a simple cold-boot (shut down - power off - re-start) may solve the problem.

This error may also occur if the number you are dialing is blacklisted.

Many PCI modems include an entry in Windows' ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS (from Control Panel or System): it is important to remove any installed modems using this remove function to properly update the registry. In some cases where the modem has been installed more than once with different driver versions without proper removal, the registry may be corrupted: if this is the case, only manual editing, restore from backup, or re-installation of Windows may cure the trouble.

Also note: In many cases, PCI modems will not operate in all of your PCI slots - see this page.
Also see: Forum56 Post regarding HP-supplied modem and error 777.

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