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LT Win Modem w/ Lucent chipset Page
(Updated 29-Sep-07)

[Almost] everything you need to know to get the best performance from a Lucent Win Modem is here. Agere Systems is the new name for Lucent's Modem division.

NOTE - many owners don't know what driver (also called firmware) version they are using! If you don't know - or haven't updated your driver - you may be amazed at how much better your modem is with the updated driver

The Latest Driver is: Version 8.30 - available from Modemsite. The latest Modem-on-hold applet is 1.76, also available from Modemsite.

WARNING! V.92 modems based upon the 1646 Mars2 DSP will NOT support V.92/V.44 functionality with any driver after 8.12. (The driver will work, but you'll only get V.90.) For this reason, I suggest you do not purchase a Zoom 3025L or other "V.92" modem containing the 1646 DSP. See 16-Feb-02 V.92 News. The "new" driver offerd by Microsoft's Windows Update for XP (8.27) disables all V.92/V.44 functionality - this driver should be avoided if you want to use V.92/V.44 features.


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LT Modem Pages:

     Click here to go directly to driver upgrade page
About the LT Win Modem - General information
33.6k AT&T/Lucent Modem - Upgrade to 56k
Trouble with the LT - Things to check - also see Main Troubleshooting Page
More than 1 LT Modem - Best not to multilink more than 1 LT in 1 PC
Windows NT, 2000 & ME  - Support/installation info for the LT with Windows NT, 2K & ME
Linux Support - Info on using the LT with Linux
Info on Compaq w/ LT - Compaq systems with LT Modem & Compaq modem in non-Compaq PC
What Driver? - How to tell what firmware/driver version is in your LT modem
Driver Upgrades - Where to find firmware/driver UPGRADES for the modem
Upgrade Procedure - How to upgrade your LT Firmware
1-time .inf Upgrade - Procedure to upgrade the .inf file for LT 5.xx V.90 driver
AT Commands - Specific 56k/version/diagnostic commands for the LT
Handshake - RealAudio of the LT 5.xx V.90 handshake with DIL
Diagnostics - What ATi11 can tell you
LT & V.92 - Will your LT do V.92?
Caller ID - What it takes to get caller id from the modem.
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