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What 56k Connect Rate Should You Expect?

56k Modems rarely connect close to 56k. In the US, FCC-imposed power give most 56k modems a maximum potential for a 53.3k connection.

But, what happens in the real world? These are my estimates of 56k connections. You can see actual results from thousands of entries in Modemsite's 56k Modem Survey section.

How many 56k modem owners get 56k connects About 60-70% of 56k modem owners are getting 56k connects (rates higher than 33.6k). 30-40% get rates of 33.6k or less.
Of those getting 56k rates, 80-90% are getting 40k or higher. About 75% get rates between 44-49.3k. About 10% get rates of 50k or higher, and about 15% get rates between 34.6 - 38.6k. However, the throughput achieved by a substantial portion of the connections doesn't match the connect rate. 56k Rates Achieved
V.34 connect rates achieved (those who don't get 56k) Of the 30-40% of 56k modem owners not getting 56k connects, about 15% are connecting at 31.6 - 33.6k, 70% at 26.4-28.8k, and 15% at 24k or lower.

The rate achieved depends upon a number of factors including:

The Modem    (sometimes the one you have won't work with your line conditions/ISP)
The Modem Firmware/driver   (sometimes a firmware upgrade/downgrade will yield improvement)
Your line conditions   (sometimes the facilities provided by the phone company prevent 56k connects)
The ISP's Modems   (sometimes your modem won't achieve 56k-interoperability with your ISP's 56k modems)
The ISP's Modem Firmware   (sometimes an ISP modem firmware upgrade will yield improvement)

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