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Compaq-supplied modem with LT chipset:

NOTE - Compaq-supplied modems w/ the LT chipset (56DF & 56VSC) will only work in certain Compaq systems! Do not purchase a used 'Compaq' LT modem for use in another system!
Compaq used a custom implementation with the 'LT' chipset in older systems. Later systems may have been bundled with Conexant HCF or PCTel modems. Compaq has released a softpaq for certain Presario models with the LT modem. This release is based upon less-than-current Lucent code, so it may be possible to get better 56k connects with 'generic' driver;  but, on voice (VSC) models, you will lose PhoneCenter capabilities with non-Compaq driver. Unlike most vendors, the LT installed in a Compaq system doesn't identify itself as a "LT Win Modem". However, you can download and run the latest generic driver, and your Compaq modem will become a "LT Win Modem" with V.90 driver. On some voice models, Compaq's PhoneCenter will no longer function if you upgrade. Add'l Compaq info.

Windows 2000 & XP: Some Compaq-supplied LT modems may not work with Windows 2000 or Windows XP Home or Professional.  [The computer's BIOS needs an upgrade that Compaq will not develop or provide - See this Newsgroup post.] Also see - Windows 2000 & LT.

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