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Where to find the Agere Win Modem Driver (Formerly LT Win Modem Driver or Lucent Win Modem Driver): has "generic" Agere (Lucent/LT) Win Modem Drivers available for download here (requires Premium Access). The latest generic driver is 8.30 and supports all modems based on the "LT" chipsets, and all Windows operating systems including Win9x,Me,NT4,2K and XP. This driver supports V.90 and lower protocols with all chipsets; V.92/V.44 is supported only with Mars3.2 chipset. Modemsite's LT Driver Section also has updated Modem-on-hold applet version 1.76. Modemsite maintains 'Readme' files for the various driver releases - the 8.30 readme includes information on notebook install problem/solution.

LSI/Agere's  website has generic driver version 8.30.

8.31 driver - may be offered by Microsoft Windows Update or supplied by system manufacturer. The 8.31 driver was a special build for an Agere customer that fixes an obscure problem not likely to be encountered by most users. Because this driver did not undergo the testing normally done with general driver releases, Agere is not making this a general release and it won't appear at Modemsite. So, why is it on Windows Update? [When a driver is submitted to Microsoft's WHQL for testing and driver signature, the submitter indicates whether the driver is to be made available via Windows update.] Should you upgrade to 8.31? [It's safer to stay with 8.30.]

Info on V.92 & LT Win Modem

LT Driver Downloads from - including LT Modem-on-Hold 1.76, 1.72, 1.71, 1.70, 1.68 and 1.64 for V.92 modems, as well as old and new generic drivers. Download of these drivers is a premium feature available with your ad-free access code. This download area also has a zipped 6.04 package that will work with Windows Me, 2K and XP.

8.30    8.28    8.24   8.22  8.18   8.17   6.0   5.97   5.92  5.87   5.75   5.70   5.66   5.65   5.54   5.53   5.49   5.44   5.43   5.39   5.32   8.10  8.20*  6.04* 8.02-special for disconnect on call waiting with V.90 modems

* - 8.20 and 6.04 are designed for WinXP and should work in WinXP, 2K, and Me, but not Win9x or NT.

Windows Update - Caution! As of 7-Oct-03, the Microsoft Windows Update site may offer version 8.30. In Mar-03, Microsoft added driver version 8.27 to Windows Update for XP. 8.27 is a special build that disables V.92 and V.44 to prevent a rare compatibility issue that will be addressed in a later release. This isn't a good choice for anyone wanting to use "the latest and greatest". XP users may find this driver automatically installed depending upon Windows Update settings! Also see: 22-Mar-03 V.92 News.

The latest version may not work as well as older versions for some people. Use the version that's best for you & archive your current version.  If you are getting 28.8k or lower connects with old driver, the new driver might give you a big boost -or- it might cause you to get an even lower connect rate. If you get a lower connect with the latest driver, see Trouble with the LT on this page, the Troubleshooting Page, or revert back to the older driver you were using before the update. The handshake sound has changed with version 5.49.

Note: With driver version 5.44 & higher, the .inf file renames the modem from "LT Win Modem" to "Lucent Win Modem". If your modem is renamed, you will need to adjust Dial-Up Networking connections.

* - The 6.04 (and 8.12) generic, as well as some vendor-specific downloads are available from the Windows Update Site for WindowsXP. If you have XP and a Microsoft-recognized LT modem, the Windows Update Site should allow you to download these drivers when you scan for updates. If you are not running XP, it appears to be impossible to get this update from Microsoft - see the 16-Feb-02 Latest Update. (The package is available as a zipped file from's Premium Access Content.) The driver package does not include support for Win9x, or NT. See THIS PAGE for more information. 

Other sites with LT driver: (Note - many of these sites have files for more than just the LT!) Before applying upgrades, please read (and print out) my upgrade instructions

Link to Vendor site


Acer Extensa 700 series notebook; old driver (May'99) w/ no version indicated
ACorp Intl A56PML is Lucent model; No version # listed (broken link removed - MIA)
Actiontec For Computer City/ DT56016;DT56018;IS560LH--  also PCI PM560LH; PCI56019 Has driver v 5.92 w/ Windows 2k
Archtek / Smartlink 56PCI-L & L2 - no version # listed - old drivers
Askey V1456VQH-R3 is 5.68 file:; V1456VQH-T1(INT1) is 5.43 file:; V1456VQH-T1 is 5.37 -
ASUS  V 5.61A for Win95/98 & NT ASUS M8000 series Notebook computer; Also FTP
AusLinx ABC 56k-PCI (:Lucent) - no version listed
Aztech No version #; 'Lucent solution' modems
Compaq SP21461.exe - version 8.22a; SP13722.exe for Presario 5410 - version 5.70; Also SP14702.exe
SP20530  SP23586.exe - version 8.22 w/ MoH 1.70|
SP23101  SP23103 and SP23104 - version 8.30/MoH1.73 for WinXP/2000 and 98
CNet USA No version # indicated on web page; has non-Lucent files on page as well
CPI International -Out of business- Use Generic Drivers from this site
CTX FTP site - V90 in V90updates; version 5.32; also has [old setup?] files in 56k directory
Cybermax Out of business - use generic drivers. (Thanks to Lars in Sweden for the info.)
Dell LT modem for I7000 notebooks; Version 5.34; V.92 Data/Fax/Voice for Agere/Askey WinMe 2k & XP Version 8.09 .
Digitan 5.99 driver; separate files for each operating system; 5.99 has a Win2k bug.
Dynamode (Israel) AT&T PCI V1456VHQ-T1 (5.16 for Win95/98; 5.14 for NT & 5.68 for Win2k)
Encore ENF656-PCI-LUAO Version 5.06, 7/4/98 (PCI-LUCY is version 5.10)
Fujitsu Doesn't mention LT anywhere, but if you select LifeBook 900 (& other) series & Win95, you'll see a modem V90 upgrade Also: 5.79 for Win2k only.
Gateway No version # listed (file posted 7/99)
Gateway (Australia) 5.34 & 5.37 versions for Australia & NZ; Also has 3Com Winmodem drivers
Genica MW-50 & 1100-L models; no version # listed
GVC Canada Put model, or just 56k internal modem category in search form to find files
GVC Taiwan In 'English' - has version 5.55; includes OEM modems used in some IBM Aptiva systems
Harmony USA Version 5.43 mdl 18026-1; also has driver for other non-Lucent chipsets
Hawking Tech No version # without download; aslo has PCTel, Rockwell & Motorola driver
Hewlett Packard HP Support site makes it difficult to find drivers....! Looking for good links; HP users can use Agere or Modemsite generic drivers - see top of page.
Hi-Val MDP7800U / H56IP-00 is Lucent; version 5.43; Also has drivers for Rockwell, PCTel, ESS & TI chipset modems
Hitachi Vision Book 5000 models; no version # on ltmodem.exe
IBM Version  5.85a ( Also: 5.18, 5.19, 5.28a, 5.37,  5.43, 5.445.485.56, 5.62 ) Australia/Asia: -4.28D, 5.18a Japan: 4.23 Win2k only:5.625.74 
Jaton WinMod V.90 - version 5.75
Inteva V90 version 5.09
Lectron Version 8.22 (site calls it 8.2.2 - I56LVP-X4)
Lightspeed Tech. SkyMaster PCI; version 5.35
Livingston (FTP) Generic version 5.56 available; Livingston, who makes ISP access equipment was purchased by Lucent in 1998.
Lucent (Agere - now LSI) The Agere site had LT documentation, and driver version 8.30 delivered via e-mail or download
Maxtech XPV56I/L41B is the LT model #; V.90 version 5.04; Maxtech is owned by GVC-Taiwan
Mitsubishi - Australia Diamond Voice modem by Actiontec; Version 5.63
Multitech ZPW series - bottom of page; version 5.15b
Multiwave Innovation Version 5.35 Also has older versions
NEC Search for Versa/VersaVX yields Askeymodem 5.62 & 5.66 
Netcomm (Australia) Latest LT-based modem - IN5699 rev_2 & _3 are V.92 with 1648C chipset; IN5692 PCI Modem; Has versions 5.87; 5.92; 5.9, 6.00 and 8.10 on the site at .
Packard Bell Versions 5.29 & 5.30; MDM100A & MDM100G
Paradise WaveCom 56kPCI - version 5.44
Phoebe Micro No version #; also has drivers for Rockwell, Cirrus & TI chipset modems
Pionex Model MDM-S56/DT,etc - 'Digitan 56k' versions avail: 5.43; 5.35; 5.20; 5.09; 4.28; 4.21; 4.18
Quantex Out of business. Use generic drivers. (Thanks to Lars in Sweden for the info.)
SMART Modular/Apex Data "56k V90 PCI Modem" - version 5.66 only for Win95/98 The file from this site can be used with the .vxd replace method.
Sony Sep'01- Sony's page for the modem moved or deleted; Use generic drivers (top of page); Very old version 5.15 available here. WinXP version 6.0c: see this page.
tekComm Driver for "tekComm Internal Contollerless Modem" is LT 5.66 for Win95/98/NT/2k
Toshiba You'll need to filter results to find correct modem drivers.
Unicent Notebook modems w/ Mars (PCI) chipset; Domain is on hold & offline; owned by PC Importers, Aurora, OH
Viking Components Viking Modem FM56KICL, RFM56KICLA(ISA - Lucent Chipset) v 5.32 Also see FM56KPCI
Winbook Driver listed by model #; Version 5.57; Note: 5.57 file is twice the size it should be - the archive contains a 2nd zipped copy of the archive (Apollo557.exe) Also has 5.15; 5.22; & 5.49
Wisecom (CIS Industries) No version #; Model WS-5614PVD is Lucent-based; also see this page.
Zoom Model 2925 w/ Lucent chipset - Version 5.75a
Model 3025 V.92 modem - see this page first.
Zoom has released modem-on-hold applet and V.92 update - Version 8.12.

Note about 5.66 & later upgrades!

The 5.66 (and later) has a new installation program that supports Win95/98/NT4 & 2k, and I've received a number of reports (although from a very small minority of LT owners) of problems with the setup. Nearly all users who have reported these problems are (a) able to revert back to an older driver version, and (b) able to upgrade to the new version using my .vxd upgrade/copy method. Improvements have been made in the installation with subsequent updates, however, some users may still experience installation issues using the Lucent setup program. Windows 2000: You may have to update the modem using Win2K device manager - the setup program might not do it.

Note about 5.75 upgrade: There is a problem calling CISCO Mica server modems running (beta) 2.7.1.x firmware. A V.90 connection cannot be negotiated. If your ISP uses this equipment & firmware, you can either force a K56Flex connect ( s38=1-v90=0 ) or go back to 5.70 or earlier. V.90 connections to CISCO Mica 2.6.2.x firmware are not affected. Update 12-Nov-00: Cisco has released Mica code to address 5.75 interoperability. 5.75 should work to Cisco modems updated to

Note about 5.87 upgrade: The driver in Microsoft WDM-compliant for Win98, 2k & Me. There is a problem with some Windows95 machines that attempt installation of the Me WDM driver instead of the 5.87 .vxd. See the 5.87 Readme for further info.

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