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LT & V.92 - Updated 26-Dec-03

LT Win Modem, also known as Lucent Win Modem and Agere Win Modem, is a DSP (digital signal processor) modem that was first introduced when 56k was brand new (pre-standard K56Flex, then V.90, and now V.92). The DSP chip used in these modems has undergone enhancements - the DSP latest DSP chip is the 1648C.

Earlier chips provide limited or no support for V.92/V.44 functionality, but the newest V.92 drivers will still work with all older modem versions - you just won't get V.92/V.44 functions from the modem - you will get V.90 (and lower) support using the latest drivers and older chipsets -(1646, 1648T, HV90 and APL43).

The first 'LT Win Modems' produced as V.92 were based upon 1648T or HV90 chipsets. These modems will support V.92/V.44 functions only with driver versions 8.12 and lower. See Modemsite LT Drivers.

Modemsite has a 8.02 "Special driver" that will allow disconnect on call waiting for all LT modems - even those that do not support V.92. This driver is available from Modemsite LT Drivers with a Premium Access Subscription.

A Premium Access Subscription is required to view the remainder of this page.

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